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Testimonials from Athletes


"Simply the best football training around.  If you're serious about your game, then House of Speed is the place to train."

  • Robert Quinn – St. Louis Rams – 1st Round NFL Draft Pick


"Don is not only a guy that can teach the fundamentals on the field, but he brings a lot to the table off the field."

  • Jim Kelly - Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback


“Since working out at House of Speed I have become more explosive. It reminds me of myself when I first got into the NFL. I feel young again!”

  • Ahman Green – Green Bay Packers All Time Leading Rusher


“Don took me from a 4.6 to a 4.37.  First of all, he helped me mentally.  I had to get the mind set that I could do it and that I was fast and if I worked hard I would be able to accomplish that.”

  • Greg Lewis - Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver


“As a former NFL safety I know the importance of individual and team speed. Along with quickness and agility it is essential for success in today’s young athletes. “

  • John Lynch, nine-time NFL Pro Bowl Safety


“Don Beebe’s House of Speed has really helped me develop as an athlete not only as a safety, but overall speed wise.  It is great to come here and get a bunch of competition from guys who are better than you and at your same level, stuff you don’t get in high school.  You can come and go against the best guys here and workout to get better.  It has defiantly helped me to earn my scholarship.”

  • Joseph Jones – Plano High School (Full Scholarship to Northwestern)


“If you want your chance to get on the field this is something I would defiantly encourage anyone to do.”

  • Cole Gardner – Batavia High School (Full Scholarship to Eastern Michigan)


“It is an overall a really good atmosphere, coach Beebe is a great coach.  There are some great scouts that come along with great athletes with great competiveness.”

  • Ethan Olles – Palatine High School


“One of the first things we did was video tape our throwing motion and then Beebe dissects it and watch it in slow motion, and we were able to figure out what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong.  I think it is a phenomenal camp.  My favorite part about it is that you can come out here and compete with other great high school players.”

  • Jack Sauter – Dekalb High School


“I would describe House of Speed as something that you want to go to immediately.  It will improve your game instantly.  It helped me out, it helps others out and helps everyone who does it.”

  • Noel Gaspari – Batavia High School


“I like HOS because of the one on one time I received from Coach Beebe. All the students are treated with respect, have fun and learn all the proper fundamentals.”

  • Michael Kolzow – Naperville Central


“I was fortunate to earn a scholarship to play football at Northern Illinois and I have to contribute a lot of my success to House of Speed and coach Beebe”

  • Boone Thorgesen – Kaneland High School All-Time Passing Leader


“It has been really helpful to me because I have learned so much dribbling and shooting skills.  Last year I was on the B team and this year I made it up to the A team because of the camp.”

  • Andie Strang - Kaneland High School Alumni


“What I really liked about House of Speed is that they worked specifically on your position.”

  • Julie Jeziorowski – Marquette University


“House of Speed has done wonders for me and has made me a quicker and stronger athlete.  It has prepared me for the next level.”

  • Kylee Baker – Ball State University


“I really enjoyed House of Speed and its improved my foot speed to the ball as a setter.”

  • Taylor Brauneis – University of Louisville


“The House of Speed has helped me become a more quick and athletic volleyball player.”

  • Lindsay Anderson – University of Hartford


“House of Speed has helped me with my explosion and understanding what muscle groups I use for each movement.”

  • Kara Wehrs – University of Kansas


“House of Speed has really helped me with my endurance and getting me prepared for college.”

  • Sarah Scott – University of Texas


“Don Beebe has worked wonders on me as an athlete and I have become a better all around athlete.  The test from beginning to end that I greatly improved.”

  • Stephanie Holthus – Northwestern University


“I have been around sports all my life and when I decided to make the transition from the University of Miami to the NFL, I decided to work with Don Beebe.  Don was a person who knew me as an athlete, he was there to encourage me, to help me get better as a person and as an athlete, spirituality and on the field.  All I can say to Don is thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work with him and get better.”

  • Jarred Payton – University of Miami – Son of Hall of Fame Walter Payton


"Going through Coach Beebe’s academies has drastically increased my speed and footwork and has heightened my football IQ.  At the US Army National Combine, I was selected to the all-combine team largely due to the focused training provided by Coach Beebe and Coach Harner.  I owe many of my offers to Coach Beebe and his superior program at House of Speed."

  • Isaac Hawn - Has over a dozen Div 1 offers


"House of Speed was a key in achieving this goal of playing at the next level. The individual attention helped sharpen my skills and helped me understand how to utilize my quickness and speed to be a better player. I would highly recommend it for any player that wants to improve their skills and it's a must if you want to go on to the next level.  Thank you house of speed for your training and exposure to lots of colleges thru the combines. We found it so helpful we are  participating in the football academy this spring to help prepare for the college level. 5 stars to the coaches and the academy."

  • Ryan Skibinski - University of Dayton


"House of Speed played a huge part in me achieving my ultimate goal which was to play collegiate football. The individual attention really helped me grow and become a better player. Don Beebe and the whole House of Speed staff did a really great job training and taught me a lot of football lessons, but also taught me a lot of life lessons as well. I'll never forget when Don Beebe told me no matter what always give it everything you got whether it's on the football field or in life. Those words stuck with me throughout workouts, practices, games, and those words will stick with me my whole life. House of Speed is a must if you want to go to the next level."

  • Jake McMackin - University of Minnesota Crookston


"As a volleyball player, House of Speed helped me increase my vertical jump.  In addition, the training taught me dedication and pushed me to be a better athlete!  I would recommend HOS for any volleyball player."

  • Jordyn Poppen - University of West Florida

"I had no business being a D1 MLB before I came into Coach Beebe's House of Speed but Coach Beebe provided me the training necessary to develop my skills and taught me the mindset I needed to accomplish what I have. He never gave up on any of his athletes and seeing what they have all accomplished should prove how much of a mentor he truly is to us"

  • Devin Petersen

“Thank you Coach Beebe and all House of Speed coaches for your dedication and passion.  You helped inspire me to reach my potential in football and to continue on to the next level playing baseball in college for St. Xavier University. Most importantly, the values reinforced by Coach Beebe will always stay with me.” 

  • Noah Valin



Testimonials from Coaches


“Don Beebe turned in what has long been recognized at the signature play really or what the Buffalo Bills where all about.  We went to four Super Bowls, didn't win any of them, but what resilients it took to fight our way back.  In the third Super Bowl, we had lost it, we had lot it by a big score, on the last few dying moments of the game, Dallas Cowboys Leon Lett picked up a fumble and started to run in for what would have been another touchdown.  Don Beebe, 40 yards downfield, set off in pursuit and caught him on the one yard line and knocked the ball out of his hands.  What did it mean?  It didn't change the outcome of the game, but it showed to our players "Wow, we will not quit.  We will continue our quest."

A parent who is looking into enrolling their child into Don Beebe's House of Speed is really going to benefit in so many ways.  Certainly athletically, and development in the child's qualities, but beyond that some of the charter qualities that our developed from it.  The agility to learn, the ability to focus.  It goes way beyond just the development of the speed quality, but it certainly includes it.”

  • Marv Levy - Pro Football Hall of Fame Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills


“What has made this camp different for my own son compared to some of the other things kids are doing is it is an opportunity to continue to work on football skills specifically to your position in the offseason.  There are not a lot of places you can do that.  They have a wonderful facility with the turf.  It has been a great experience for my son to be with the talent level that is here.  It has helped my son mature and teach him the right things.  He comes here with a sense of purpose, he works hard and I have seen his confidence grow not just as an athlete, but as a young man in High School.  It has been a very worthwhile for my son to take part of.”

  • Dennis Piron – Head Football Coach – Batavia High School


“Don is without a doubt one of the gurus in the United States for improving speed.  He does a great job.  He is going to give you all the drills, he’s going to tell you how to do it, but what really impresses me about Don Beebe is the mental approach and the impression he leaves with young athletes.  Speaking from my own experience with my son, the mental game was as important as the drills we did.  He’s approach to athletics is tremendous.  Don is a winner, has been a winner all his life.  He really does a great job with young people.”

  • Joe Thorgesen – Former Kaneland High School Football Coach – Hall of Fame Coach with IHSA


“This camp has been instrumental in my son’s development to go from being a high school quarterback to be a colligate player.  Both Don and his staff do a tremendous job preparing kids for their high school years and more importantly they teach things that go well beyond football.  Don is a real difference maker in our coaching profession.  We are very fortunate that he does the work that he does and I am glad we found this camp and opportunity for our son.  It has been a major part of his development and we are thankful for the work House of Speed has done.  I would highly recommend it to any high school athlete that has ambitions to work hard in the offseason and work to improve.  The staff does an exemplary job working with kids.  I don’t think you can do any better at any other camp.  The camp and House of Speed programs have been outstanding venues for our players to develop their athletic skills, speed, and strength.  Most importantly, there is a component of character that is taught at each session.  As a coach, and more importantly a father, I truly appreciate what Coach Beebe teaches.  He is one of the "difference makers" in the coaching profession."

  • Mike Gaspari – Former Batavia High School Football Head Coach - Aurora University QB Coach


“We have been really happy with the training.  Our kids have really liked it, and we feel really good about it.   Some of our kids have shaved off 5 tenths of a second legitimately.  That’s obviously a positive thing and it has given them confidence.”

  • Larry Johnsen – Geneseo High School Head Football Coach


“We’ve seen improvements right away with our kids as far as their vertical jumps and sprint speed across the board males and females.  The data shows that we defiantly got some good results from the House of Speed training.  We are a community the really enjoys athletics and for us to take the next step in our athletic program we felt like House of Speed and their group was somebody we wanted to get aboard as it has helped us from speed to balance to power.  There is a lot of advantages that we have now that we didn’t have before.”

  • Travis Mackey – Geneseo High School Athletic Director


"I really don't know what drills you did with him. I do know that he is playing with a lot of confidence and he enjoyed working with you vs. the coach he worked with before. I would say after working witht the House of Speed coaching staff, Tommy came to me with a lot of self-confidence in himself and in what we were asking him to do on the football field. His leadership skills have improved quite a bit as well."

  • Paul Murphy - Head Football Coach - Waubonsie Valley High School


"Best combine to get the athletes in front of colleges in the Chicagoland area"

  • Tom Lemming – “Rated #1 by ESPN in recognizing high school talent in the United States”


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Don Beebe and Scotty Smith for almost 15 years. I can’t think of two individuals with higher character, work ethic and leadership skills. When I found out they were working together at the House of Speed, I immediately thought of the positive impact they would both have on the athletes that attend the camps. Rest assured, your children will not only learn how to better themselves as athletes but also how to better themselves as people.”

  • Mark Schiefelbein - Vice President – Football Operations - Cleveland Browns


“Don Beebe’s House of Speed and Kent Erickson are about integrity and the talents of two very capable men. If you’re a young person seeking an environment of respect, where your agility, acceleration, and top-end speed will significantly improve, go work with House of Speed."

  • Troy Calhoun, head football coach, U.S. Air Force Academy



Testimonials from Parents


“Those who know Don Beebe know that first, he is a man of faith, he's a family man and he's a man involved in his community.  Those are traits very important to my family and I.  When my son Jarred came to me after graduating from the University of Miami and said “I am going to train at Don Beebe’s House of Speed to train” I was very excited because I knew that Don not only being an athlete understood Jarred on that level and also understood where Jarred was coming from.  Don when he played football had people that doubted him too, didn’t think he couldn’t play the position he played, but he proved them wrong.  So I knew he would understand Jarred and get him ready and prepared for the combine.  And he did.”

  • Connie Payton - Wife of Walter Payton - NFL Hall of Fame


“The House of Speed is way beyond what I thought it would be.  It is fantastic.  Without House of Speed, my son would not be where he is at right now.  (Full scholarship to NIU)  It has improved all his athletic skill and people skills.  We also love everyone on the staff here.  We could not have asked for anything better.  They are supportive and dedicated.  I would recommend House of Speed because the heart of the institution.  Everyone here is there for you.”

  • Valerie Bouagnon

“My daughter Brianna has benefitted from House of Speed not only from her foot speed to get to the ball quickly but to her vertical for her jumping and her blocking.  I think that Club Fusion as a whole has benefitted from having House of Speed because it has giving all the girls the edge they need to bring their game to the next level.  I believe our girls have an edge over other players due to the House of Speed training that they received from Don Beebe and his staff.  They have given the players the tools and confidence to be able to excel in all areas of their game.”

  • Mrs. Stewart


“My son went to this camp and has learned from Don Beebe a lot of the fundamentals, the little things that go into quarterbacks that most people don’t realize.  Don has done a great job with film breakdown with him and definitely being able to get the chance on a lot of reps.  It has been a blessing for my son.”

  • Russell Drummer


“Don Beebe proves you're never too small if you have a big heart”

  • Donald Trump


“The biggest thing that he has gotten out of Don Beebe’s academy is confidence.  He has learned a lot from the 1 on 1 sessions.  They were able to break down on film on what he is doing wrong and right.  I started coming here doing the speed camp and it was just like one big family.  They impressed me, they impress his friends that I bring with him and they are just real good people who run a great program.  I would recommend it to anybody.”

  • Michael Hoover


“I came here because the other place my son was at had too many kids and not enough coaches.  Here my kid can get that 1 on 1 time.  House of Speed is worth it, worth every penny.  My son enjoys it, I enjoy coming and watching him.  My son will be here every year until he graduates.”

  • Thurston Tolliver


“AJ is having a great senior season.  He's running and passing with outstanding field awareness, decision-making and mental toughness for four quarters.  You have helped him develop the essential QB skills,

including the right work habits and leadership.  We sure appreciate it.”

  • Jeff Spitz


“House of Speed Football camps have helped both my sons become better football players and better young men.  Don and his staff teach all the proper techniques and have helped my boys become self confident. The games seem to have slowed down for them because of what they've learned.”

  • Tom Kolzow


“Just wanted to let you know that Grant verbally committed to Western Illinois. We had the official visit this past weekend.  The training Grant got from your program really helped prepare him for his high school season as well as exposing him to football opportunities at the collegiate level.  Recruiting coaches saw much improvement from last season in his mechanics and speed. Thank you again!”

  • The Kasals


“When the coach gave him the nod to go in, guess who stepped in and showed out and played the entire game. Yes, Christian Plummer.  Not only did he stepped in and showed out, he was named the 2013 Prep Bowl MVP.  Christian threw 225yards and three touchdowns.  Recently, Christian was selected as one of the Top Senior Players in the World NUC Texas vs The World Senior Game in Dallas Texas and selected for the Top Prospect NUC All American Game and Performance week in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Hard work pays off.  Again, Thank you! We will see you guys soon for some more training!”

  • Ms. Plummer


"Don Beebe has taught my son more in 6 weeks than any high school coach has given him. The level of instruction will transform any good athlete into a college prospect"

  • Don Friedel


"Eric leaves John Hersey High School starting last season as a backup and assuming the starting position in game 3 to win the conference championship.  He will attending and play for DePauw University in Indiana.  As of yesterday evening, Eric led his team to their second 18u All American 7 on 7 championship in two years.  This is a testament to House of Speed and all of the coaching and support throughout his football career.  Thank you for your dedication to these young men."

  • Daniel Portenlanger


“You guys received a compliment from Coach Bell at Monmouth saying that every penny invested in Cole with House of Speed was worth it.  He said there is a huge difference between Cole and other incoming freshman.”

  • Doug Krynicki


"You typically fill all of the classes, but if I can ever provide a recommendation to anyone, please let me know. Over the years, we signed our kids up for many things they wanted to be involved in. HOS  by far, was the best! You guys truly care about the kids and your Christian values shine through. Evan is not only a better player from  coming to HOS, but he is a better young man! Thank you and God Bless!"

  • Jeff Moore


"My son Austin has committed verbally to NIU. He is very excited. After looks from multiple Big Ten teams and numerous camps, he couldn’t refuse NIU’s offer. It was our circled goal on the schedule and he achieved it.


I just want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done for him the past two years.  He came there as a talented player but lacked that extra confidence needed to put him in the next level. He gained that at House of Speed. After the first month, I vividly remember him saying “I feel like I don’t have as many questions in my head now.”  He used the techniques and resulting confidence to excel his junior season.  Speaking of speed, along the way he has gotten numerous compliments on his footwork and his speed. NDSU, ISU, Iowa, Illinois, Penn State, and WIU all pulled me aside and said he had rare speed and footwork for a lineman.  He even ran a 4.9 and 4.8 40yd dash at the Illini camp on his 2nd attempt and another 4.8 for Penn State.  On the way home from that one, he said “I’ve run it so much through Beebe classes and combines, I knew I could do it.”   Additionally, upon going to 8 different camps these past 4 weeks, each a little different, he told me that none of them were drills he didn’t run at HOS before. I can say it made a huge difference. Speaking with fathers from all over the midwest at these camps, so many stated that their sons were unfamiliar with the drills and it had them at a disadvantage.  Last, your recruiting talks were excellent. We were able to determine which camps/combines were selling tickets versus those that cared. Austin knew to be polite and responsive to all college coaches and recruits regardless of school size or ranking.  RecruitU2 worked great and I’ve sent no less than a dozen friends to sign up their kids for their respective sport, and they have offers now from swimming to pole vaulting. So while we have some time to go before everything is signed and such, I am saying thanks.  My 8th grader, Troy has been in HOS since last December and will be there in July for middle school academy. He always asks when your next class is, so he’ll be around the next 5 years."

  • Matt Warner


"I couldn't be more amazed with the success and level of impact that the HOS Football Academy athletes have shown for our team this season. The trainers have instilled the core values that it takes to succeed on and off the football field. I highly recommend this for any football player desiring to improve their skills"

  • Jonathon Hampton


"Just a quick note to share a little feedback on the impact of your Middle School Football Academy at the HOS on Blaise's performance in the 2015 season..

Your methodology incorporating focused, classroom training was outstanding. It directly and significantly improved my son's ability to read and react to defenses resulting in an a much improved completion percentage...

Also, in your model he was working out directly with a talented core group of other Middle School and High School QBs which allowed him to see exactly where he needed to 'take the level of his game' to excel... He had a baseline of his competition to work with... Self motivators run with it from here...

At the end of the day, my son Blaise was able to take what Don was calling out in his in-session  instruction and then he was able to apply it in real time thru execution with some really talented receivers from throughout the area...

He and I are both looking forward to continuing his workouts at the HOS under your instruction..."

  • Garry Reichert


"Coach Beebe and his staff not only have a first-class training program, they also provide great advice to parents during the recruiting process. Coach Beebe has a wide network of college coaches and has made references for Isaac that have led to offers.  I would highly recommend House of Speed to any athlete wishing to reach their full potential."

  • Mike Hawn


"I wanted to pass along, Brandon won the Iowa Hawkeye's Team Leader for Special Teams. The Banquet was Friday night.  Just wanted to let you know without House of Speed, I don't know if this award would have been achieved. Please extend my thanks to Don, Coach Earl and the entire Staff."

  • Willie Bishop


"I wanted to THANK YOU not only for your HOS program last winter/spring but also the personal time you spent coaching up Nico AND also the priceless advise that you gave me regarding recruiting.  I truly feel that without your advise and tutelage we would not have maximized the recruiting efforts and Nico may not be playing college football next year.  He is really a kid that would not have just gone anywhere to play."

  • Leo Gubenko


"Griffin's training with House of Speed has been invaluable. Not only has Don's training improved Griffin's game, but it has also opened doors to many college opportunities. Don was instrumental in helping to get Griffin's recruiting process on track and the offers followed. I would highly encourage athletes that are interested in taking their game to the next level to train with House of Speed."

  • Bryan Hammer


"We wanted to let you know that Noah Hickcox, DE has received multiple D1 offers, and has verbally committed to Western Michigan University. We have been very happy with all the training, exposure and advice that he has received while at House of Speed. Don is great with the players and parents, his advice is invaluable and respected. The recruiting process is such that the more knowledge you have the more empowered you feel.  Noah made his decision based on many different things and we are proud to know he has made his choice without regret and much excitement. Noah will continue training at house of speed to continue preparing for his Senior season. He enjoys the challenges, repetition and competition he faces at House of Speed training. Thanks for the quality program helping to better our son and all the athletes at House of Speed."

  • Luke & Nicole Hickcox


"Just wanted to say thanks to Don, Brent and all the trainers.  Joe started training at the House of Speed when he was in 7th grade.  As a 2 sport athlete up until last year, the training he received greatly helped him achieve his goals.  He is proud to announce that he will be continuing to play football at Kenyon College!  Thank you."

  • Jeff Garibotti


"House of Speed is a great organization and the people who run it are even better. I am very thankful for everything House of Speed has done for Jake and our family. It helped with a lot of exposure for colleges and I would recommend it to any family who wants to see their child succeed."

  • Tamara McMackin


"I appreciated seeing the tangible results of Jordyn’s training at House of Speed.  Besides knowing she was receiving excellent conditioning, it was great to actually see the spreadsheet of metrics which showed her improvements."

  • Chrissy Poppen

"To Don Beebe and House of Speed:  We truly appreciate everything you have done & continue to do for Alec. He's grown in many ways by being part of HOS and I'm so glad that we were able to get him into your program. You have a special family that helps you and it's been fun watching Alec work under your direction. It's also very important for Tess & me that our kids are around a positive environment.  Couldn't ask for a better situation for our boy!!"

  • TJ McEachern


"As the spring session of House of Speed comes to an end, I would like to personally thank Coach Beebe and the rest of his staff.  My son Tyler started playing football at what some might call a late age.  While he was an athletic kid, he did not have the experience or knowledge of the game that other kids his age did.  I grew up playing hockey and unfortunately could not give him any help to improve.  House of Speed came highly recommended, but I was skeptical about the camp and the price tag.  With hesitation I agreed to pay for one session for Tyler.
From the first day he was there it was clear that Coach Beebe and his staff were very knowledgeable.  What was surprising is how passionate and dedicated the staff was to developing their players.  Tyler’s skills and knowledge of the WR position increased by leaps and bounds.  More importantly, the once hesitant and timid player he was disappeared, as his confidence grew week by week.  It was clear to me that this was a very important opportunity for my son, and he needed to be at this camp.
Tyler is under sized for a WR and I really didn’t think he had the physical make up to compete at the College level, but his love for this sport and desire to play at the next level was clear.  We sent him to the House of Speed combine just to see how he stacked up against other players in the area.  I was shocked at the responses he got from Colleges and it was evident that he needed to go to some College camps.  Every camp he has attended he has received praise for his route running ability which is thanks to House of Speed.

Tyler has attended both the winter and spring sessions since his sophomore year.  Each year he has become more polished and skilled than the previous.  He is set to graduate in a week, and it is with overwhelming gratitude to House of Speed and pride that we announce that he will be continuing his football career with the Beloit College Buccaneers next season.
For anyone contemplating sending their child to a football camp, I would urge them to go to House of Speed.  Don and his staff are top-notch coaches and use a very personal and professional approach to working with players.  All the players get plenty of one-on-one attention and always receive constructive criticism.  On top of the quality coaching the players receive; Coach Beebe is also very helpful to the parents who are not familiar with the recruiting process.  The staff at House of Speed is genuinely dedicated to the improvement of their players and takes pride in their success.  If I had to use one word to describe this camp and the coaches, it would be CLASS!  I cannot praise them enough and am glad that my son had the opportunity to be there.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication! Go Bucs!"

  • Brian Korous

"Your program is by far the most professional and effective program we have found.  Over the last 2 years my son has tried many and none of them hold a candle to yours." 

  • Jim Petersen

"Thank you again for all your help with recruiting , training, marketing,  moral support and encouragement. It all helped Ryan reach his goal of playing D1 football. When  Ryan started the HOS Academy in the spring he had no offers; however, by the end of  the summer he had multiple offers and serious interest from several D1 programs."  

  • Rod Young

"Coach Beebe’s training taught my son invaluable skills on the football field and the importance of being a respectful player and young man. Coaches extensive football experience and network offered great insight on what both parents and players should expect at the college camps and how to select the best college fit as a student athlete. I wholeheartedly believe that Don Beebe’s Football Academy and House of Speed was instrumental in helping my son obtain scholarship offers from FIVE D1 Universities and I highly recommend Don Beebe’s Football Academy to any athlete who wants to take their game to the collegiate level."

  • Mike Wlodarczyk