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No per-registration necessary, can pay at the door

Cost: $25 - Includes Video Analysis and MySpeed

FREE if you are registered in one of our monthly speed and agility packages

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MySpeed and Video Analysis days are a great way to get a baseline of your athleticism as well as see improvement from the training.  This class is for any athlete new or experienced.  Each athlete will be measured in the MySpeed drills and have a video analysis done of their running technique.

Video Analysis - Athletes will be video taped and be instructed on how to run with the best technique.

​MySpeed - MySpeed was designed to help motivate athletes by allowing them to see their improvements throughout their training.  Athletes can access their MySpeed 24/7 online.  Athletes will be timed in a range of drills (40 yards dash, pro agility, broad jump, ect).  Results will be tracked to show improvement.  

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Below are the MySpeed Records

All-Time Record

Matt Mrazek - 7.65

Athletic Overall Level

2017 - Matt Mrazek: 7.65

2016 - Paddy Pyrne: 6.43

2015 - Ryan Skibinski: 5.80

2014 - Pace Temple: 5.20

2013 - Jeff Perry: 7.06

2012 - Kimani Mobley: 6.43

2018 Top MySpeed Athletes

2017 Top MySpeed Athletes

Matt Mrazek

Score: 7.65

Juvia Davis

Score: 4.98

2016 Top MySpeed Athletes

Paddy Byrne

Score: 6.43

Delaney Devor

Score: 4.29

2015 Top MySpeed Athlete

Ryan Skibinski - Score: 5.80

2014 Top MySpeed Athlete

Pace Temple - Score: 5.20

2013 Top MySpeed Athlete

Jeff Perry - Score: 7.06

2012 Top MySpeed Athlete

Kimani Mobley - Score: 6.43

Sabrina Schlenker
Score: 5.00

Connor Olson

Score: 7.17