School Certifications

Train Athletes the Professional Way


"We are excited about the opportunity of offering our 19 years of training experience to High Schools and Personal Trainers.  This program has given access to trainers and schools to continue my vision of effecting athletes lives through sports."

Don Beebe



School Certification Includes:

  • Cutting Edge Technology Equipment: The Bear Machine, Real Runner, Ultraslide, Ropes, ect.

  • Training and Certification at your school by Don Beebe and his staff

  • Training videos that go over all House of Speed drills and exercises in great detail

  • Manuals and DVDs that cover all House of Speed drills and exercises

  • Access to over 30 hours of online videos with newest House of Speed tips and training techniques

  • NO BACKEND FEES (marketing, royalties, etc.)

  • Total Price: $19,900 - This is a one-time fee.  No other additional cost will be added.


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Listen to House of Speed's first school certification, Geneseo High School's athletic director and coaches talk about House of Speed school certification.